TAPT(The Artists' Playground Theatre) is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of TAPT must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
“I have worked as an actor for TAPT and also been an audience member of TAPT productions over the past year. They are a professionally and enthusiastically run theatre company which has the important function of fostering new and exciting playwriting and development, and are a high quality showcase for new and established acting talent and directors. I have been very pleased to have been associated with TAPT for two years now.

Jeffrey Hardy
Our 2012 theme is judgment:
How the views and rules of other affects our lives and the decisions we make.

TAPT produces stage readings of new plays with one classic piece, based on a common theme.

We have added the classical element this year as a way to reflect and acknowledge where we came from and why some plays resonate over time. At one time, it too was a new play. Our interaction with the audience begins with an opening reception. We have a performance and interactive discussion, then end with a social reception that includes the company and artists involved.

By embracing diversity we create a place where each of us, both artist and audience, can be ourselves and hold one another accountable to a higher standard of professionalism and respect. When our participants feel this sense of belonging, our productions become a safe haven free of judgment and full of possibility, opportunity and partnership; a place to create new colleagues and make new friends. TAPT is a place to grow beyond ourselves and reach for more.

People leave inspired, refreshed and more open to the world around them. Every participant is part of our community, and we take that responsibility seriously.

A special thank you to Jason's Vineyard for donating their Merlot for our 2012 Season!!!
TAPT Salon Staged Reading Event

by Sue Townsend
Ten Tiny Fingers, Nine Tiny Toes explores a class society in pursuit of genetic perfection. Lower classes are banned from reproducing and only perfect specimens survive. The objective would result in the elimination of an entire classes of citizens. It explores the consequences of our search for perfection through the heartfelt struggle of our most precious givers of life: Mothers.
Jazz Musicians
Nick Russo & Guest

Children's book author/illiustrator:
Russell Schramm
Signing and selling copies of
The Incredible Adventures of Medusa Blink
DATE: June 27, 2012
TIME:  7:00pm

The Players Club
16 Grammercy Park South
(between Park & Irving)

Director: Marielle Duke
Free Raffles and cocktails Available in the Grill. Credit card payment only (cash tips)
Our Raffle Sponsors:
Thank you to all who attended and participated in our
TAPT Classic Salon Staged Reading

by Terence Rattigan
Thank you so much to all who
participated and attended
by Terrence Rattigan.

The rave reviews, incredible
discussions and positive feedback
is inspiring!
Matthew Dure', Robert Lyons*,  Nichole Donje', Jeffrey Hardy, Steven Hauck*, Max Rhyser*, Jessica Beaudry, Stage Directions: Kate Downey
*Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association
"God from afar looks graciously upon a gentle master."
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Special Guests - Jazz musicians
Nick Russo and Will Caviness
Photos by: Ann Vellis
Photos by: Ann Vellis
“This is a word of applause for the excellent organization called TAPT. Their ability to explore new plays with great distinction and a passion for quality, artistic standards and creativity are rare achievements in the theatre. Not only do they make a difference in the community by bringing to light fine plays but the level of actors they bring together is exceptional. So kudos to TAPT—they really make a difference.”
Sonya Hamlin
Actress & Emmy award winning TV Host,
Bestselling author of 5 books
& Nationally recognized communications
expert and business coach
Proud member of A.R.T./NY and TRU
Connecting art and humanity through theatre